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All you need is 30 minutes

Our clients love our professional teeth whitening treatments because they're quick and easy. During your dental whitening, you can kick your feet up in a comfortable recliner and play your favorite tunes. And after your 30-minute treatment, you'll notice a brighter smile in the mirror.

Light Up Any Room With Your Radiant Smile

Smile brighter after professional teeth whitening in Toms River serving Brick Township and Ocean County, NJ

You feel like you've tried everything to whiten your teeth. Those do-it-yourself whitening strips just don't work and take too long. Professional teeth whitening will give you the results you're after. Great White Smiles offers top-of-the-line cosmetic teeth whitening treatments that are more affordable than traditional cosmetic whitening.

Our clients have never been happier with their smiles. You'll be amazed, too, after trying our treatments. Schedule an appointment by calling 848-210-5398 today.


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5 reasons you should choose Great White Smiles


We're passionate about helping our clients feel confident about their smiles. You won't regret turning to Great White Smiles because...

We're licensed and insured.

Our friendly technicians have the training required to provide professional teeth whitening treatments.

We can accommodate your busy schedule.

We have flexible hours, so you can whiten your teeth at a time that's convenient for you - including nights and weekends.

We offer affordable whitening treatments.

Traditional whitening treatments from a dentist cost a fortune as they are considered cosmetic. We have teeth whitening treatments for every budget.

We'll treat you right.

Great White Smiles is a family-owned and -operated business in Toms River, New Jersey.

We'll give you a smile you can't wait to show off.

Between our office treatments and take-home teeth whitening products, we'll keep your smile looking radiant.

Before and Afters

You'll only regret that you didn't visit us sooner. Contact us today to make a teeth whitening appointment in Toms River and Ocean County, NJ.

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